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Benefits of Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Purify the Air

Through an ionizing effect, crystal salt lamps naturally cleanse the air around you and help to reduce the level of airborne allergens and irritants. They are also effective at minimizing odors and bringing a natural calm to any environment.

Neutralize "Electro-Smog"

Every form of life on the planet depends on the electromagnetic field of vibration, known as the Schuman resonance frequency. However, due to the emissions of everyday electronics like televisions and computers, your body receives a huge amount of artificial electro-magnetic wavelengths  with many diverse frequency values, which can result in nervousness, insomnia, and inability to concentrate. Because of its neutral atomic structure, a heated salt lamp helps harmonize and balance these artificial frequencies and neutralize "electro-smog"

Bring a Natural Calm

The pink hue of Himalayan crystal salt lamps are thought to improve emotional health and promote a sense of calm and peace to any environment.