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A single-celled fresh water algae, chlorella is among the most ancient life forms on the earth, and is virtually unchanged in over 2 billion years of existence. Thus it harbors the spark that characterized the original creative energy of the planet.

One of the richest foods in protein, beta carotene, and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), chlorella contains more chlorophyll than any other food. The following are special features of chlorella:

  • Assimilates almost instantly as its massive protein and beneficial fats are predigested by the alga. Users often feel more energy in their lives.
  • Boosts immunity, partly as a result of its rich store of acid polysaccharides.
  • Cleanses environmental toxins from the body including radiation residues, pesticides, herbicides, and most toxic "heavy" metals including mercury.
  • Builds the "Yin" of the body according to ancient Chinese healing tradition, meaning that it helps overcome stress, inflammation, and mental irritation.


Moisture: 3.6%
Protein: 60.5%
Fat: 11.0%
Carbohydrate: 20.1%
Fiber: 0.2%
Ash: 4.6%
Calories: 421/100 g

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin A activity: 55,500.0 IU/100g
B-carotene: 180.8 mg/100g
Chlorophyll a 1,469.0mg /100g
Chlorophyll b 613.0 mg/100g
Thiamine (vitamin B-1) 1.5mg/100g
Riboflavin (vitamin B-2) 4.8 mg/100g
Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) 1.7 mg/100g
Vitamin B-12 125.9 mcg/100g
Vitamin C 15.6 mg/100g
Vitamin E 1.0 IU/100g
Niacin 23.8 mg/100g/TD>
Pantothenic acid 1.3 mg/100g
Folic acid 26.9 mcg/100g
Biotin 191.6 mcg/100g
PABA 0.6 mg/100g
Inositol 165.0 mg/100g
Calcium 203.0 mg/100g
Phosphorus 989.0 mg/100g
Iodine 600.0 mcg/100g
Magnesium 315.0 mg/100g
Iron 167.0mg/100g
Zinc 71.0 mg/100g
Copper 0.08 mg/100g

Fatty Acids

Unsaturated fatty acids 81.8%
Saturated fatty acids 18.2%
C14:0 0.6%
C14:1 0.9%
C14:2 0.9%
C16:0 15.6%
C16:1 9.1%
C16:2 5.5%
C16:3 17.1%
C18:0 2.0%
C18:1 10.0%
C18:2 15.5%
C18:3 22.8%

Amino Acids

Lysine 3.46
Cystine: 0.38
Histidine 1.29
Valine 3.64
Arginine 3.64
Methionine 1.45
Aspartic acid 5.20
Isoleucine 2.63
Threonine 2.70
Leucine 5.26
Serine 2.78
Tyrosine 2.09
Glutamic acid 6.29
Phenylalanine 3.08
Proline 2.93
Ornithine 0.06
Glycine 3.40
Tryptophan 0.59
Alanine 4.80

The above informatoin is based on 100 grams of chlorella