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Olbas Oil is a blend of pure plant oils for the relief of bronchial and nasal congestion, hayfever and minor infections of the respiratory tract by inhalation. Olbas Oil also relieves the symptoms of muscular pain and stiffness including backache, sciatica, lumbago, fibrositis and rheumatic pain by application to the skin.

Medicinal Ingredients:



Eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus spp. leaf and branch terminal)

35,45 %

Mint oil, partly dementholised (Mentha arvensis leaf)

35,45 %

Cajuput oil (Melaleuca spp. twig and leaf)

18,5 %

Menthol (Mentha spp. flowering tops)

4,1 %

Clove oil (Syzygium aromaticumflower bud)

0,1 %

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: 
Juniper berry oil, methyl salicylate

Recommended dosage(s):

Adults: Use with a tissue 
Day: Add 2 or 3 drops to a tissue and inhale the vapours. 
Night: Add 2 or 3 drops to a tissue and leave it inside a pillowcase to inhale throughout the night. 

Use with hot water: 
Day: Add 2 or 3 drops to hot water and inhale the vapours.
Night: Add 2 or 3 drops to hot water and leave in the bedroom to inhale throughout the night.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking other medications or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Not to be taken orally. For inhalation use only. Do not apply to the face, particularly the nose or mouth, of infants and small children. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. If Olbas oil comes into direct contact with the eye, wash thoroughly and seek immediate medical advice. Do not put drops directly into nose or mouth. If Olbas oil is accidentally swallowed, contact your local Poison Control Centre immediately.

Do not use if you are allergic to salicylates or any of the ingredients. If the oil comes into contact with skin, some people may experience mild side effects/hypersensitivity reactions such as skin rash or stinging sensation which lasts only a short while.

Contact a health care practitioner if any of these side effects become serious.

Available as:

  • 15 ml