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Clean Flow is designed to maintain and promote optimum urinary tract function. It combines herbal diuretics to cleanse the kidneys and bladder, antibacterial agents to control and prevent bladder and urethra infections, circulatory aids for improving blood flow to the urinary tract and assisting in both nutrient delivery and waste removal, while incorporating advanced tissue protection by coating the urinary tract to prevent damage to the urethra, kidneys and bladder.

The cells in our body bathe in an ocean of extracellular fluid. From this fluid they gather their nutrients and excrete their waste. The composition of the extracellular fluid is kept to exacting specifications by the kidneys. The kidneys also make hormones that control blood pressure, bone maintenance, and the production of red blood cells.

It is difficult to tell whether your kidneys are working properly until there may be a serious problem. Symptoms may include fatigue, high blood pressure, malaise or involuntary contraction of muscles. These are subtle symptoms, but ignoring a possible kidney issue can lead to accelerated atherosclerosis and a higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Your health care practitioner can help determine if you have an issue with your kidneys.

Clean Flow can be an excellent pain-free annual program to cleanse debris and maintain the kidneys.

Each vegetable capsule contains :  
Prince's Pines (Cat's whiskers) 4:1 extract 42 mg
Uva Ursi extract 10% 42 mg
Black Peppers Extract 95% 2 mg
Cranberry   extract 107x 85 mg
Corn Silk    extract 4:1 17 mg
Ginger Root    extract 5% 48 mg
Prince's Pine (Cat's    whiskers) 42 mg
Asparagus 51 mg
Birch leaf 42 mg
Goldenrod 63 mg
Buchu leaf 48 mg
Juniper berries 10 mg
Althaea 85 mg
Cayenne  pepper 21 mg
Parsley 48 mg