Harlan Lahti

CEO, Owner & Founder

Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre founder and owner, Harlan Lahti, is widely recognized as the nation’s expert in natural health medicine. He and his highly qualified team have been integrating allopathic and natural medicine for over 44 years and their pharmacy has grown into one of the most widely respected and trusted integrated pharmacy and natural health centres in the country.

Before starting Finlandia, Harlan worked as a licenced pharmacist in hospitals and in geriatric care settings, where he saw how some prescription medications could have undesirable consequences. “If people want to take natural remedies along with their prescription medications, we counsel them whether this is advisable or not advisable,” Harlan says “That’s one of Finlandia’s specialties—to keep people safe if they want to make their own choices with respect to their health.”