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Finlandia logo mask with 1 filter included in bag (made by CareMask)


  • Dual Layer- 100% Micro Poly
  • Patented , quick dry, anti-bacterial fabric
  • Soft inner layer for face comfort
  • Adjustable stretch ear loops for comfort and pressure reduction
  • Built in filter pouch – filters supplied
  • Machine washable

Triple Up Protection

The Care Mask filter is designed for an extra layer of protection and filtration, it is a breathable meltdown polypropylene material combined with a water repellent outer skin backed up by an inner spun bound polypropylene layer. Filters are included with all mask orders.





Commonly Asked Questions 

Q: I have never worn a mask before.  There are two ways to wear masks:  

  1. Without filter – this diminishes overall protection but can be worn for many hours with limited heat build up. 

  1. Mask with filter is the best protection but heat build up maybe higher as overall breathability is diminished.  

Initially, wearing a mask can become warm because your breath temperature is 37*C. This may cause some moisture build up on your face from breathing in and out. The more you wear your mask, the less noticeable this will be become as the body is particularly good at adapting. 

Q: How often should I wash my mask? 

It is recommended to wash your mask after every use – this will keep your mask clean and fresh (machine or hand washed). 

Q: How often should I clean the filter? 

It is recommended to clean the filter after every use (wash/wipe down by hand). DO NOT put your filter in the washing machine.  

Q: How often should I replace my filter? 

This varies dependent on frequent usage and care of cleaning. A common-sense visual inspection is required to determine the time of replacement.  

Q: What side of the filter faces out? 

We have marked the side of the filter that should face out (BLUE DOT or is White in Color). This side has a water-resistant treatment to help prevent moisture molecules transfer from outside forces 

Q: How do I insert the filter? 

Wash your hands, make sure they are clean. Fold or roll the filter and feed it through the pocket pouch and then unfold and flatten your filter into position. Originally this may take some practice but becomes easier with time. 

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