Harlan's Corner 20th Mar 2020

Tips To Sleep Better - Melatonin Newsletter

Tips To Sleep Better - Melatonin Newsletter

Getting a sound night's sleep and so much more:

Is it possible that over the eons, human beings have lost much of their ability to think clearly, utilize their “sixth sense,” and to live out a long, healthy lifespan? Could our 21st century lifestyles be pushing us further and further from the truth of what it really means to be human and at the top of the evolutionary totem pole?

The answer appears to be yes. A number of scientifi c studies are leading us to look more closely at a tiny pinecone-shaped gland buried deeply between the two hemispheres of the brain, called the pineal. This gland, once referred to as the seat of the soul by philosopher René Descartes, begins to secrete melatonin as soon as our retinas detect lower levels of light. This sleep-inducing hormone continues to be manufactured throughout the night, waning as daytime nears, and ceasing just before sunrise.

Although melatonin is best known for its role in inducing sleep, its effects on overall health are far reaching...

13 Tips To A Better Sleep

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