Noble Naturopathic 23rd Apr 2020

Integrative Medicine at Noble Naturopathic

Integrative Medicine at Noble Naturopathic

We are proud to announce the launch of Noble Naturopathic, the evolution of the Finlandia Health Centre.

As of April 1st, 2020, Dr. David Duizer and Dr. Ana Lopez, both former naturopathic doctors at the Finlandia Health Centre, have taken the reins and have been working hard in every way possible to support our community during this difficult time.

Noble is located in the same area at G104 - 2480 Spruce St (at West Broadway) adjacent to Finlandia and has a similar line up of practitioners.

Introducing Noble Naturopathic

First, we would like to thank Finlandia for their years of support at the health centre and cheers to a continued partnership in optimal health and community wellness.

Next, we would like to highlight updates at Noble that have been implemented to make optimal wellness accessible to as many people as possible.

  1. We offer Direct Billing to Extended Medical Insurance
  2. Our clinic does Extended Medical Insurance “Naturopathic Estimates” 
  3. Secure Telehealth Consults with Naturopathic Doctors and counsellors - Noble provides phone and secure JaneApp medical video consultations to support COVID-19 physical distancing recommendations. These consultations are eligible for direct billing to extended medical.
  4. Need a lab kit, requisition or supplement? Introducing Sunday Service - Noble offers free sunday delivery (drop-off) of laboratory requisitions, laboratory testing kits and supplements to patients following a telehealth consultation.
  5. Essential Services - Noble provides certain in-person therapies that can be accessed during COVID-19 physical distancing measures. These therapies range from chronic pain treatments to integrative cancer care support.

For more information about how Noble is here to support Greater Vancouver go to

Noble’s Story - Holistic Wellness in Vancouver

As an established clinic for over 10 years Noble has a head start on community involvement. Its founders lead both Vancouver Meetup Groups; “Low Carb Vancouver” and “Fairview Health and Wellness Professionals”. The clinic is well supported by local patients and provides a series of holistic services to advance the wellness of our community.

What we are looking at now is the future of holistic care in Vancouver. COVID-19 has had a major impact on our city and region and will continue to challenge us both mentally, emotionally and physically. We wish you and your loved ones a safe period of distancing and want to express our availability for lifestyle and naturopathic support during this time. 

How has Noble been helping during COVID-19?

Throughout these last few weeks we have found ourselves at Noble playing a role in community health via the following outlets:

  1. Prescription refills - telehealth consults combined with our pharmaceutical prescribing rights allow us to call in refills for patients. Whether it is for control of thyroid levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, hormones or other systems we are here. For anti-inflammatories, allergy medications, acid suppressants or other over the counter medications we have been guiding patients via phone and video for almost a month.
  2. Anxiety reduction sessions - Stress support is a core reason for patients to consult with our naturopathic doctors. Through the holistic approach (nutrition, supplementation, medications, herbs, physical therapies and lifestyle change) we are able to help calm the nervous system and mind (telehealth consultations).
  3. Functional laboratory testing and follow up telehealth reviews - As patients are home and have time to plan for long term optimal wellness we have seen an increase in functional lab testing including hormone testing, stool analysis, continuous glucose monitoring, neurotransmitter assessments and inflammation testing. We provide the test, interpret the results and detail a long term wellness plan including many different modalities if needed.
  4. COVID-19 specific consultations - Many of our patients have chosen to consult with us about how to best prevent COVID-19, where to best acquire information surrounding the virus and how to shape our outlook for the future of Vancouver and life in general

We, at Noble, have a dream of being Vancouver’s go-to holistic wellness clinic. We are building our team and clinical resources as efficiently as possible to provide the best possible experience in integrative wellness. Below we have included our mission and vision.

If you have questions about our philosophy, practitioners or services available at Noble feel free to reach out or book a free 15 minute consultation here: Noble Naturopathic

Noble Naturopathic - Mission

Be a space of healing and wellness for our community. Enable our patients and clients to achieve the best possible health outcomes through comprehensive evaluations and holistic treatment and support.

Noble Naturopathic - Vision

A multi-disciplinary clinic providing evidence-informed care that sets the standard for the integration of complementary and alternative therapies. 


We are wishing you a safe and well Spring. 



Dr. David Duizer ND & Dr. Ana Lopez ND