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Father's Gift Guide

Father's Gift Guide

Let’s make this Father’s Day memorable for dads so they know how much they are appreciated in your life.Here are some simple ideas to help you make dad feel special this Father’s Day!

Give The Gift Of Fitness

Hiking can be a great bonding experience to share with dads on this special day.

  • 1. Electrolytes

A sweaty long hike calls for hydration. Adding trace minerals to your water helps your cells to move the water into areas that need replenishment. Try adding 5-10 drops of liquid minerals  to your hiking water bottle can help you stay hydrated.

  • 2. Swell Bottles

These amazing bottles are such a good investment as they help your water stay cool for up to 24 hours.

  • 3. A Hiking Smoothie

Blend some MCT powder, collagen powder, plant-based protein, organic strawberries and banana and almond milk in a high speed blender until smooth for a silky, milkshake-like hiking treat that is packed with heart-loving resveratrol and potassium.

  • 4. A Hiking Snack

Pumpkin seeds contain heart and prostate protective beta-sitosterols. I recommend going with organic raw pumpkin seeds.

Gift of Good Sleep

Over the years, dads lost many night’s of sleep worrying about making our lives better. In this sleep themed category, I want to share a few tips to help dads get a better night’s rest.

  • 1. Prospek Glasses

With the shelter-in-place recommendations still in effect, connection with the outside world often happens on an electronic device. Our pervasive screens emit blue lights that are detrimental to our natural sleep hormone production. Proskpek glasses provide protection against light wavelengths that interfere with sleep, and they come in a variety of styles.

  • 2. Himalayan Lamp

On the opposite side of the light spectrum, lights that are of the red and orange hue have been studied to have the health benefits such as promoting relaxation. Pink Himalayan lamps are a great way to add a relaxing ambience to dad’s evening.

  • 3. Bedtime Tea

A soothing cup of tea such as this one can help alleviate tension on the nervous system and help promote a good night’s sleep. Oat seeds have been traditionally used to provide nourishment to the exhausted nervous system. Lavender and sweet lime flowers are great for relaxing the blood vessels and reducing anxiety to support the body’s restful mode.

Give The Gift Of Energy

For hard-working dads who are always on the go, you can look into supporting their adrenal health to help build a good foundation for stressful times.

  • 1. Adrenal Support

Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is a great supportive herb for the adrenal gland, which enhances the body’s resistance to various physical and mental stressors. It also supports the body’s immune response and cardiovascular functions.

B vitamins are also important for our body’s ability to transform food into energy.

  • 2. Multivitamin

A quality multivitamin is a good insurance policy to allow dads to top up the nutrients their body needs to support optimal wellness. My favourite is Platinum Naturals EasyMulti that contains heart protective antioxidant CoQ 10 and prostate support herbs such as saw palmetto. If your dad is naturally inclined and prefers vitamins that are fermented from fruits and vegetables, consider Innate Men's Once Daily Multi.

  • 3. Kombucha

Nothing against beer, but if you want to give your dad a nudge to choose a healthier alternative, I suggest going with kombucha! There are so many flavours and options out there from fruity to spicy. You can either serve it alone or mix it with sugar-free sodas like Zevia.

Pamper Your Dad With Natural Skin Care

The summer sun is vital for our bodies, but unprotected sun exposure can contribute to sunburn and increase one’s risk of developing skin cancer. The sun safety app, UVI Mate, is available on Android and IOS devices. This app recommends appropriate sunscreen strengths and time required for you to get enough vitamin D without sunburn. Finlandia has a selection of sunscreens that are safe for dads and the coral reefs.

For a simplified skin care routine, this Lavera aftershave can double as an aftersun lotion. Bamboo extract provides the mineral, silicon, which helps with collagen production for firmer skin. Aloe vera provides cooling and soothing relief for irritated skin.

For summer shaving, a shaving soap with a natural cooling effect can provide additional protection for skin that is constantly tested by UV lights. Peppermint has antiseptic and cooling properties to protect the skin from irritation and inflammation, Dr Bronners Shaving Soap.

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Tahlia Sage (Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Bsc Food, Nutrition & Health) is the founder of Tahlia Sage Wellness ( and a partner at Healing House Natural Wellness (, she is also an instructor at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

Her coaching practice helps clients achieve their wellness goals by embracing functional foods and healthy lifestyle changes. Tahlia’s own health challenges and weight issues prompted her to pursue an education in nutritional science and holistic nutrition. Tahlia empowers her clients to regain balance with easy, concrete steps. Connect with Tahlia for a free 15 min discovery session


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