Updates: Retail and Online Store

Dear customers,

Please click here to read our COVID-19 safety plan 08/26/2020

We appreciate your support and patronage of our store. Over the past few weeks you have no doubt noticed procedures changing - many due to the increase in online orders we are experiencing.

Changes have had to be made so we can continue to provide you with our great customer service. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

We are working hard to keep our customers and employees safe during this time: We have installed social distancing decals on the floor and signs on the shelves of the store to remind customers and employees of the social distancing.  We are sanitizing touch points such as door handles and indoor railings. We have hand sanitizer at the reception desk and cashier's desk for customer's to use. We are encouraging customers to pay by card and not with cash. We have had, for many years, a HVac air filtration system that uses a UV light and filters the air several times an hour.
We have modified the hours of the store in order to make more time for cleaning and getting online orders ready (Mon - Sat 930a to 6p and Sunday 11a to 530p)
We have made phone-in orders possible, through the retail store.
We can deliver your order through our Car Delivery Home Service (ask the store for details - 604.733.5323)

Many of these changes have been with the customer in mind and we hope that you keep us in mind when shopping in the store. Maintaining social distance and being respectful of our hard working staff is very important to us. We are all in this together and we are wishing everyone a healthy journey.

For the online store, we are slower than normal but still working hard to process your orders. Please contact us directly with any questions - 1-866-872-0989 or orders@finlandiahealth.com

Thank you all! Stay safe and check back for updates

The Finlandia team