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Product Description

Biotta Carrot juice is the very first juice in the history of Biotta production, and is still regarded today as a synonym for the natural juices from the Lake Constance region. Since 1957, we’ve been producing this freshly pressed juice from premium organic Thurgau carrots. Now as always, the juice is made with no artificial additives, and is 100% natural. Numerous organic farmers from the surrounding area supply our factory in Tägerwilen with freshly harvested carrots. Here, the carrots are processed gently and with lots of love and care to make Biotta Carrot juice.

Today, we still use the same original recipe as in the old days - 100% premium organic carrots. This traditional juice is rich in natural beta-carotene/ provitamin A. Vitamin A helps maintain good eyesight.

Ingredients: organic carrots (from Tägerwilen, TG)
Juice of: 8 organic carrots

carrot juice